Not even close.
And no one knows this better than we do.

In some cases we need a bit of time to get better; in some cases we are too small to have an impact; and in some unfortunate cases the technology does not exist yet.

We are not circular

We might be making our collections out of regenerated fibre materials, but at this point it is still not possible to efficiently recycle clothes that you have finished wearing.
There are some exciting processes being developed at the moment and we are keeping a close eye on those. As soon as we have news, you will be the first to know!

Virgin fibre fabrics in our system

We still have some virgin polyester and virgin polyamide based styles in our collections and some fabric rolls waiting to be used up.
We stopped buying virgin manmade fabrics 2 years ago, but it will take some time for us to use up what we still have on our books.
We expect to phase out virgin fibre based fabrics by the end of 2022.

Stock leftovers

We have some unsold stock and are very aware of the impact this has on the environment (as well as on our cash flow!). As we produce a wide range of sizes catering to different heights of women, some stock leftover is to be expected.
But we have some ideas about how to avoid any such left overs in the future. The wheels are in motion and you should keep your eyes peeled at the start of November 2021;)

Susimust Studio
Our studio is one small part of a rather huge old printing press building. The heating in our studio comes from a central heating system in town and we have very little impact on how the heat is generated. Same goes for the electricity.
We are asking the questions, though, and keeping this issue in the front of everyone’s mind.


There are bound to be other things that will need to be added to this list and we will keep updating the list as we go along.


Last updated on 20 September 2021