The only reason we started Susimust is people.
People who wear our activewear and give life to our clothes.
People who make, create and provide solutions to the problems we present them with.

You might think we are a small team.
In fact, there is only one person working for Susimust full time. This is our founder Kersti who designs, fits, plans, organises and does everything that falls in between.

But one person alone could not do everything that goes into building a brand, creating the product and bringing it to our customers. 
It takes a full team of seamstresses, pattern cutters and technologists; designers, photographers and stylists; fabric knitters and dyers; models and sportswomen, accountants and marketers and many many more...
Some of them are freelancers, while others work in production units of our partner companies.


They are our team.
We are all one team.


When it comes to people, a few things go without saying:
Everyone’s human rights must be respected.
Everyone must be treated with respect.
Everyone deserves a living wage, holidays and reasonable working hours.
Everyone’s taxes must be paid, so they would have good health care and pensions when they retire.


We currently work with a small number of fabric mills and manufacturers. 
We work with them directly and visit them as often as possible.
All are EU based companies – mostly based in Estonia, Portugal and Italy.
They follow strict EU labour laws for pay, holidays, working hours etc.


This is just a start. 
As we grow, we will strengthen our processes to make sure everyone in our team is treated right.
And we will keep you up to date with any progress we make.