It really does...

We have all been conditioned to choose clothes that fit well. And we do quite a good job at this. At least as long as we are the ’average’ height...

If, however, you have arms that are longer than the average or legs shorter than your neighbour’s, you are in trouble.
We’ve been happy to see that the industry has embraced size inclusivity in the last few years, but the height dimension has largely been overlooked.


And this is where Susimust comes in.
We are changing this.
We want every woman to be able to find activewear made for their heigth.
Enough of buying your long sleeves from the mens department and using socks to cover the empty space at the ankles left by your ’full length’ leggings!


From day one, we have offered our leggings and tops in two lengths – Regular and Tall.
We are not stopping there. If all goes to plan, there will be more lengths in our range very very soon (shhh! Let’s keep this between us...). Keep your eyes peeled!


Susimust makes performance activewear.
This also means that we don’t just add length to the bottom of our Tall leggings. We are constructing the leggings to fit the Tall body. From knee position to seat length, these are all fitted to a Tall body.

Tall is not an elongated Regular.
Tall is a size all on it’s own.