3 Rules of Pre-order
  • Your size guaranteed.
  • Always a better price.
  • Be the first to receive the style.
What is a Limited Pre-order?

At times, we might only be able to produce a limited number of items in the given time frame.
Usually this is because we only have a small amount of fabric available.
Or our production capacity is limited for different reasons.
We call that a Limited Pre-order.

Whatever the reason for the limitation, we suggest you get your order in as soon as possible, so as not to miss out...

How does Pre-order work?
Choose your style
Choose your Height
Choose your Size
Add to cart
Pay for the Pre-order
Receive your order
As each piece ordered is made especially for you, there is a bit of a wait after you place your order.
Check the information at each style to find out when your order will be ready. 


In a bit more detail 
  • Pre-order window is a short and fixed time, usually around 4 days long

You can place your Pre-order only during this period. The production will start straight after the Pre-order window closes, so we are not able to take any further orders after the closing date.

  • Pre-orders always have a slightly better price

This price is only available during the Pre-order window. After the window closes, the price of the style will be higher.

  • Your size is always available when ordered during the Pre-order window

We produce to what you have ordered. The fabric will only be cut after the Pre-order window closes and we will cut the size you have ordered, especially for you.
You can choose from the sizes developed for any specific style.
NB! During a Limited Pre-order there might be a fixed number of each size we are able to make.

  • Sizes in Pre-order

Depending on the style, we have developed a fixed number of sizes for you to choose from.

Long sleeve and long leg styles are usually available in 4 Heights and in 5 sizes (XS-XL) in each height in Pre-order. Over-sized styles might be available in 2 Heights and in 3 sizes in each height.

You will find specific information for the sizes available at the page of every specific style.

Currently we don’t offer a custom size option. We do want to widen the sizes we offer and will do so when our capacity allows.

  • Pre-orderers will always receive the style first

We will only add the style to our online store once all of the Pre-orders have been sent out. So, if you Pre-ordered, you will always be the first one to be wearing the style.

  • The Wait

There is a bit of a wait with receiving your Pre-ordered items. This is because the production of the style will only start after Pre-order window closes.

So, once the window closes, we will take the fabric to our manufacturing partners. There we will check the order, sizes and patterns. The style will then be cut, sewn, embroideries/prints added and steamed. We will then pick up the production, check the quality, pack your order and ship it out.

All of this will take some time and we will keep you up to date with how the production is going (check your e-mails for the Pre-order newsletters!).

To make the wait a bit easier, we are giving you a slightly better price when Pre-ordering;)

  • Your rights

All normal rules apply – you will have two weeks to return your purchase, if you are not happy with it. We will calculate the two weeks from the date you received your order.

If possible, we will try to accommodate any size changes. Due to the nature of a Pre-order, this might not always be possible.

  • Personal Fittings

We will be open for Personal Fittings during a Pre-order window. We would love nothing better for you to come in to see the styles in person, touch the fabrics and try the pieces on. We will not have all sizes available in our Studio, but together we will surely be able to find the best size for you to order.

Please book your Personal Fitting in advance, as the times are limited.