Well, in clothes it does.

We believe that every woman, however tall, deserves perfectly fitting kit, made to her height and build. Not too short, not too long; not loose at waist or narrow at shoulders – but just right. Enough of going to the men’s deparment to find sleeves long enough and covering your ankles with socks!

We couldn’t find what we were looking for, so we decided to do something about it. And Susimust was born. And with it sizing that takes your height into account, enhances it and builds on it.

As you have already seen on the Susimust web or guessed from the above, we have created Tall sizing to sit next to our Regular sizing.

Tall does not only mean additional length at body, sleeves or legs – that would be missing the point completely. No, that is not what we do. Instead, we look at the big picture – the shape and the proportions unique to those of you blessed with a bit more in height.

All the while, we have not forgotten about the Regular sizing. With the Susimust sizing concept, our Regular size clothes do not need to fit all the different heights and so we can concentrate properly on the shape of the physically active woman in this range as well.

You will find that most pieces on our range come in both Regular and Tall sizing. So, no more compromising – choose the size that is correct for you!